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Ruff Wear Flat Out Leash

2NDS. This Ruff Wear leash offers you and your four-legged best friend unique features - like an adjustable, side release buckle so you can convert it from a handheld leash to one around your waist. Traffic handle close to the snap hook for holding dog...

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Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

CLOSEOUTS. Easy on, easy off! Ruffwearand#39;s Front Range dog harness is a lightweight dog-handling assistant built with custom-adjustable straps and quick-clip fasteners. The handy ID pocket hushes noisy dog tags, and two leash attachment points include...

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Ruffwear Roamer Dog Leash

CLOSEOUTS. Let your dog ramble and roam up to four feet beyond the leash end - without pulling you away from your desired path - using Ruffwear's elasticized Roamer dog leash. Available Colors: FOREST GREEN, GLACIER BLUE, OBSIDIAN BLACK, RED CURRANT,...

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Ruffwear Slackline Dog Leash

CLOSEOUTS. Ruffwearand#39;s Slackline dog leash gives you the option of securing it around the waist for hands-free jogs or holding it in your hand like a traditional dog leash. It can also be shortened from 6 feet to 3.5 feet for more control of your...

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Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness

CLOSEOUTS. A great collar alternative for hiking, scrambling and pet mobility assistance, Ruffwearand#39;s Web Master dog harness is the preferred harness of avalanche rescue dog programs, service dog handlers and amputee dogs. Thin, durable foam and...

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